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Aavya Life Sciences is a leading research based organization that provides cutting edge services in the field of research & development in Molecular Biology, industrial training in Biotechnology, Next Generation Sequencing & other high demand areas of life sciences. With advancements in the field of biological sciences, we are dedicated to provide a backbone to biological research by proper utilization of both human and technological resources available to us. Through our research and training programme, we aim to provide students with necessary skills required for understanding different aspects of life sciences along with its application in respective fields.

Our Facility

We have an excellent facility at Aavya Life Science Pvt. Ltd. that has all the required infrastructure with well equipped state of art laboratories that are completely dedicated to biological research. It is headed by a multidisciplinary team of experienced research scientists, technical and research associates and professionals in various fields who provide an excellent platform to the candidates interested in acquiring knowledge and skills to understand different aspects of life sciences.

Scope Of Our Training Programme

For our training course, we will focus on selected aspects of molecular biology that provide principles for understanding the structural and functional relationships of molecular biology techniques including DNA manipulation, RNA isolation and characterization, cDNA Synthesis (RT-PCR) and analysis, and Real-Time PCR. Multiple modern day molecular biology techniques in biotechnology, food technology and pharmaceutical industries will be presented and several examples of molecular application will be highlighted.

Focus Areas Of Our Training Programme

Our training course is designed for individuals to become quality analyst in handling modern analytical techniques such as Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrophotometer (GC-MS), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Real Time PCR Technology, Thermal Cycler, Gel Electrophoresis, Gene Sequencing and Microarray technique.
Hands-on training will be offered to the candidates in their respective fields. Participants will learn about the basics of instruments and how to operate the equipment properly for routine and special analysis with an introduction to basic troubleshooting. The emphasis will be on practical hands-on operations.



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Benefits Of Our Training Programme

Upon completion of the Molecular Biology Training Course, you will have an understanding of techniques that are currently being utilized in biotechnology, food technology, and pharmaceutical industries. You will be familiar with the concepts pertaining to central dogma of Molecular Biology principles and techniques for understanding various contemporary areas of research and their applications.
At the end of the training course, a trainee will have acquired the following skill set:
✓ To operate hi-tech equipment with confidence in testing of samples.
✓ Capacity to maintain the equipment in good working conditions.
✓ Knowledge to identify and rectify the troubleshooting of the equipment.
✓ Operation of hi-tech analytical equipment for quality testing of samples.

Applications and Training Programme

Application Areas Of Molecular Biology Training Programme

  • Molecular Biology
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Food Technology
  • Genetics
  • Microbial Biotechnology
  • Veterinary Science.

Popular Training Programmes

  • Industrial Training
  • Summer Training
  • Industrial Internship Programme
  • Research Training
  • P. hd. Research Programme
  • Dissertation Programme
  • Vocational Training

The Aavya Life Science Pvt. Ltd. Difference

The field of biological sciences is rapidly evolving and the industry is growing at a fast pace, with advancements taking place on a regular basis. Through our training programs, we equip our candidates with enough self-confidence in the field of life science research to meet the growing demands & needs of biotech industries for professionally trained candidates.

Our training solutions are developed by subject matter experts to help organizations and individuals to improve personal competence and skills, and enables them to achieve sustainable business development, hands-on work experience and boost career growth and have a competitive advantage in the field of life science research.

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