Molecular Biology

With advancements in the field of life sciences, there has been increased public awareness of the relationship between genetics and personal health. As a result, it has substantially increased the demand for molecular testing. Recent advances in molecular diagnostic tools such as Real-Time PCR, Next Generation Sequencing has made disease detection rapid, affordable, accurate and portable. Thus, molecular biology products and services represent an invaluable tool for the research and discovery, and development of products in the field of medicine and life sciences.

Aavya Life Science Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most advanced molecular diagnostic centres in India. We offer a full spectrum of integrated, specialized procedures in molecular biology and cell biology services. Whether you are working on basic research or performing advanced translational studies, we are a one-step solution to all your research and development efforts.

Our Facility

Our molecular biology facility at Aavya has custom-designed, dedicated, state-of-art laboratories that provide services in genomics and molecular biology and also serves as a research training site. Our laboratories are well-equipped with advanced molecular biology tools and equipment that undertakes molecular diagnostics through the use of new, high-performance technologies.

We have a team of dedicated scientists and molecular biology experts to help you with your research and development work and design the best custom solutions according to your specific needs. Our group of dedicated project managers and assistants will guide you through every step of the process, and constantly provide you with the updates, and keep you informed of our progress.

Services Offered

✓ Molecular Diagnosis
✓ Testing Of Wide Range Of Virus and Bacteria
✓ Quantitative and Genotype Testing Of HCV and HPV Virus
✓ Extraction and Analysis of Viral and Bacterial DNA & RNA
✓ Real Time PCR Technology and Conventional PCR Technology based Testing and Detection
✓ Testing of HPV, H1N1, HLAB27 Virus
✓ Complete PCR Testing of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
✓ Drug Sensitivity Test for MTB

Technology Used

Gene sequencing: NGS and Gel electrophoresis

Identification of genetic modifications (mutations, SNPs, CNVs, LOH) and epigenetics (DNA methylation)

Analysis of the Transcriptome (Agilent oligo arrays)

Microarray Technique

Qualitative, Quantitative, and Genotype based detection

BSL Area facility for the detection of highly sensitive viruses such as H1N1, Coronavirus, etc.

Aavya Life Science Pvt. Ltd. For Molecular Biology

At Aavya Life Sciences, we provide you with extensive expertise, and resource networks in the fields of molecular biology. We have integrated all our resources and capabilities to support your research and development efforts and our custom products and services will help you accelerate your studies.

We understand that in the light of increasing demand for molecular diagnosis and rapid technological advances in the field of life sciences, busy laboratories or clinics do not always have the time or resources for in house production. This is where we come in as your single- step solution to all your molecular diagnostic needs.

What You Get ?

With Aavya Life Sciences, you have the advantage of

Technical Support Availability

Web-Based Ordering And Data Retrieval

Bar-Coded Order Tracking

Publication-Ready Data

Data Confidentiality

Quick Data Analysis

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Our extensive knowledge and experience, combined with our fully developed infrastructure has made us one of the leading providers of molecular biology and diagnostic services in India.

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