Biopharmaceuticals are considered among one of the most elegant and sophisticated achievements of modern science. It is rapidly evolving with radically new concepts making it to the market on a regular basis. It is thus, by far the fastest growing part of the industry, presenting challenges in the way of drug development industries.

Aavya Life Sciences is a trusted provider in India offering extensive structural and functional analysis for Biological molecules and drug development solutions to all our clients including pharmaceutical organizations, and drug research and development organizations. From compound discovery and clinical research to manufacturing and releasing of commercial products along with its approval and marketing, we are a one-step solution to accelerating your vaccine, compound or immunotherapy from bench to market. Our deep understanding of the latest regulatory developments help you to meet the requirements for drug development and its authorization in all the regions.

Our Facility

In order to support our client’s specialized testing needs we have fully-developed infrastructure with the most comprehensive range of state-of-the-art analytical technologies that offer integrated solutions, providing regulatory compliant data every time. Our laboratories are well-equipped with the latest technological equipment such as LC-MS 5600+, HPLCs, ABI-Sequencing platform, q-PCR, MALDI-TOF, Bioplex 200 and Multimode plate reader etc.

We have a team of scientific experts who possess the ability to characterize biosimilar products such as recombinant proteins and peptides, monoclonal antibodies or nucleic acid-based drugs. Safety assessment is paramount in drug testing and development. Successful development of biopharmaceutical drugs and medicines depend on ensuring the safety, efficacy, quality, purity and potency of your biopharmaceutical product. Our experts can help you to design and conduct safety and efficacy studies to meet the stringent quality and safety requirements around the world.

Our Services

At Aavya, we offer a comprehensive range of biopharma services to provide end-to-end solutions to our clients that help them build, validate and deliver a regulatory-approved diagnostic assay. We assist you in all your development and testing needs and help you progress through the drug development cycle.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services Include

Stability testing


Monoclonal and Polyclonal anti-sera production

Extractables & Leachables

Sterility testing

Toxicology studies

In vitro bio-waiver studies

In vivo, In vitro potency testing

With a broad test menu, assay development and validation services along with the expertise and agility to manage studies of any size with exceptional turnaround time, we are driven to compliment your strategies and help you solve difficult scientific research and development issues.

Our Advantages

  •  We maintain proficiency, competence and expertise in all the areas of diagnostics.
  •  We manage every project in a way that ensures it is designed, implemented and aligns with your goals and schedules.
  •  We have the flexibility to adapt to your needs should your project timelines or priorities need to shift.
  •  Our experts hold strong scientific and technical knowledge and leadership, to drive your developm manufacturing programs forward.
  •  We provide total quality assurance expertise in project management and regulatory support.
  •  We deliver compliant data that checks stringent quality and safety requirements around the world.
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