Agriculture And Plant Genomics

The growing global population, along with the environmental and climatic changes has made it challenging for the agricultural industry to provide quality food. Owing to this, there is an urgent need to accelerate breeding novel crops, increasing its production, developing heat and drought tolerance, and decreasing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Agricultural Genomics helps in improving the productivity and sustainability in crop and livestock production.

At Aavya Life Sciences, we are dedicated to advancing the future of agriculture and plant genomics through our market-leading products and services, and expertise in the field of genomics. Our solutions help researchers, farmers and breeders develop more productive and sustainable crop management system and evaluate their genetic merit.

Our Facility

We have a fully developed infrastructure here at Aavya, that is capable of carrying out all the necessary tests and research in crop development. Our laboratories are well-equipped with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to drive advances in the field of agriculture and plant genomics. Our Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing technologies help the breeders to drive sustainable crop productivity and a better and more healthier yield.

We have a team of scientific experts and professionals, and researchers who are dedicated to providing solutions to all your agriculture and crop improvement projects. Equipped with extensive toolsets, our products and services help our clients explore every area of plant and agricultural genetic analysis.

Our Services

With the emergence of genomic sequencing and expansion of bioinformatic tools, our services offer broader and wholesome genomic analysis.

Why Choose Us ?

We cater to a broad range of food industry clients and understand the growing challenges faced by the brands. Our services build trust amongst our clients and help in reducing risk and maintaining efficiency at all the levels of the food production chain. We have been in the business for long enough to process its demands and our expertise and experience deliver efficient services to safeguard the quality and safety throughout the food production process. We are dedicated to providing customers with personalized, punctual and error-free service by ensuring world-class testing.

Therefore, our solutions are customized to your specific requirements and our trusted data helps you manage risk, and make decisions at the right time. We also assist with legislation compliance, correct storage, packing and distribution.



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