A critical part of operations in many industries, especially those meant for human consumption, is ensuring that their products and processes do not adversely affect human health and are safe to consume in all aspects. Everyday, products and materials come into contact with various microorganisms and they spread easily, contaminating anything that comes in contact, harboring on food, water, soil, etc. Microbiology testing is thus, a crucial requirement for the organizations to protect and safeguard their customers against the breeding of these disease-causing microorganisms such as some specific pathogens, bacteria, moulds and yeasts. At Aavya Life Sciences, we provide comprehensive evaluation of microbial contamination, and measures to mitigate the negative effects, contamination or degradation in your production process, that may cause damage and risk to human health.

We offer world-class services across many industries associated with raw and processed food, water, consumer products, cosmetics and beauty products, drugs, pharmaceuticals, etc. We are renowned for providing efficient services to our clients with highest accuracy in the results and our microbiological testing ensures that the product quality meets the product specific standards.

Our Facility

Aavya Life Sciences has been providing world-class Microbiology Testing services to various industries for the past several years. We have a fully developed infrastructure with an independent, accredited laboratory that specializes in Microbiological Testing, Antimicrobial Testing, Microbiology Evaluation Studies, and Research in the field of Microbiology. Our lab is well-equipped with the latest technologies and state-of-art facilities, and adheres to the requirements of industry safety regulations.

Our unit is headed by highly experienced and skilled scientists and a well qualified team of Microbiologists who are well-versed in the subject and their knowledge and technical know-how ensures that the products are safe to consume and manufactured as per the specified requirements of the industry. Our personnel is highly trained and specializes in microbiological analysis to carry out tests for a wide array of potentially harmful microorganisms.

Products & Services

Microbiological testing involves a wide range of testing media, such as water, food, air, soil, animals and the human body. Our Microbiology Testing Services provide a single source for microbial testing for every stage of the production process, from product development through routine processing. We provide in-depth assessment of microbial contamination, quality control testing, shelf-life and challenge testing across various processing industries.

Our services include

Detection of food-borne, air-borne, water-borne, and soil-borne bacteria and pathogens Sterility Testing

Name Of The Pathogens Detected

✓ Escherichia coli
✓ Escherichia coli O157
✓ Vibrio cholera
✓ Vibrio parahaemolyticus
✓ Pathogenic streptococci
✓ Staphylococcus aureus
✓ Pseudomonas aeruginosa
✓ Legionella
✓ Campylobacter jejuni
✓ Clostridium perfringens
✓ Yersinia enterocolitica
✓ Bacillus cereus
✓ Salmonella
✓ Shigella
✓ Listeria monocytogenes

Protocols /Techniques Followed

✓ Escherichia coli
✓ Immuno Enrichment
✓ Immuno Capture
✓ Conventional Methods
✓ Enumeration Of Spoilage Microbes

Test Parameters

✓ Escherichia coli
✓ Standard Plate Count
✓ Coliform / Faecal Coliforms
✓ Psychrophilic and Thermophilic
✓ Aerobic and an-aerobic spore formers
✓ Rope Spore Count
✓ Anaerobic Bacteria
✓ Sulphite Reducing Bacteria
✓ Sulphur and Iron Bacteria
✓ Yeast and Moulds

Why Choose Us ?

In recent times there has been increased awareness to evaluate the safety practices in the production of agricultural products, food processing, testing drinking water, etc. to reduce the risk associated with human health due to contamination. Aavya Life Sciences has been a regular provider of microbial testing to our clients for many years. We ascribe to the highest level of industry safety regulations. Our experience in the field of microbiology has resulted in the delivery of highest testing accuracy across various industries. We believe in individualized service, innovation and a commitment to the highest standards of microbiology testing. Our experts partner with your team to resolve regulatory compliance and persistent contamination issues. Our microbiology testing services mitigate the negative effects of microbes in your production environment and safeguard your processes and personnel, and increase consumer confidence in your product by making it safer to consume.

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