Food Testing Services

Food companies face multiple food safety and quality challenges in today's global marketplace, from contaminants to genetically modified organisms.

At Aavya Life Sciences, we provide end-to-end food testing and serve all segments in the food industry Our wide range of microbiological tests allow us to assess the safety of fresh foods and food products and help in removing foodborne pathogens from your merchandise and prevent safety recalls. We offer a comprehensive range of food safety, quality and sustainability solutions to test your products and suppliers according to different standards to ensure the best quality control and your reputation as a provider of high quality food.

Our Facility

Our business model at Aavya Life Science Pvt. Ltd. is built on addressing the challenges faced by the brands in the food industry and consumer’s testing needs for quality controls, with utmost urgency and accuracy. Within our unit, we have the state-of-art infrastructure and ISO-accredited laboratories with the latest and most advanced tools and technologies for deployment.

Our team comprises highly trained food industry specialists and scientists who assist customers in testing and maintaining food quality and developing excellent food safety programs. We also have a dedicated team of microbiologists and nutritional chemists who have a deep understanding of the food industry and the challenges and demands it faces. We leverage our team’s collective professional insights and integrated service solutions to assist in protecting the integrity of our clients and their brand.

Services Offered

✓ Food Safety And Quality Testing
✓ Testing Of Meat Products, Chicken And Eggs On Molecular & Genomic Levels
✓ Testing Drinking Water
✓ Nutritional Analysis And Label Claims
✓ Testing Shelf Life And Product Stability
✓ Audits And Certification

✓ Market Research
✓ Training And Inspection
✓ GC System
✓ HPLC System
✓ GCMS System
✓ Kjeldahl Services

The Aavya Life Science Pvt. Ltd. Advantage

At Aavya Life Science Pvt. Ltd., we cater to a broad range of food industry clients and understand the growing challenges faced by the brands. Our services build trust amongst our clients and help in reducing risk and maintaining efficiency at all the levels of the food production chain. We have been in the business for long enough to process its demands and our expertise and experience deliver efficient services to safeguard the quality and safety throughout the food production process. We are dedicated to providing customers with personalized, punctual and error-free service by ensuring world-class testing.

Therefore, our solutions are customized to your specific requirements and our trusted data helps you manage risk, and make decisions at the right time. We also assist with legislation compliance, correct storage, packing and distribution.

What You Get ?

Our Services Help You

Ensuring quality checks and safety throughout the food production chain

Protecting and safeguarding the interests of your consumers

Managing risk in a better and controlled manner

Updating and complying with the industry’s rules and regulations

Ensuring sustainable growth and development

Maintaining and protecting your brand name and its integrity

Our Accreditions

We are awaiting certification from FSSAI along with NABL in process. We hold great pride in the fact that our food lab is going to be the regional laboratory in Uttar Pradesh.

Our experts are always looking forward to serving you and your business with utmost dedication and expertise, catering to your unique market requirements to help your business grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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